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"German Gartenzwerg"

Rare Originals and finest Reproductions

Johann Maresch, Bernhard Bloch, Heissner, Balzer & Bock, Eckardt & Mentz, Strobel, Griebel, Romeiss etc


Note: The historic gnome reproductions that you find on our homepage are very large !!!! Most of the gnomes are between 70 (28") and 80 cm (31.5") high. This is the hight of a dining table !!!!!!!!!

Gardengnome - Gnome

The German Gartenzwerg, the terracotta gardengnome will die out in a few years. Existing since 1880 and produced millions of times in famous smaller and larger manufactories, the last small but famous workshop will close in the nearer future.


Homegnome is the idea, restoring especially beautiful gnomes to save this beautiful culture for some more years, and to reproduce some of them in finest tradition. If possible, we work with original mother molds. Working with mother molds means: the figure is no copy!!! It is an original new cast.


We produce small series, the gnomes are numbered and signed. The reproductions are on the highest level of craft. Painting the figure is our special profession. So usually the reproductions look more alive than the originals.




Originals & Restoration

Here you find an overview of the gnomes we restore and sell at the moment or we have sold during the last year. All the gnomes we sell are restored or repainted. The art of painting is our special profession and most of the times our figures are better than the originals, because we are not in a hurry.


In addition we can offer also all kinds restoration jobs, even replace lost parts like arms or legs in original ceramic.


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Finest Reproduction

At the moment we reproduce 3 large Bernhard Bloch gnomes, created approx. 1880 in Eichwald Bohemia. In the near future we will have the molds of an other large lying tipsy gnome, probably from Austria. Unfortunately we do not know the original manufactor.


Further we have a reproduction of a very small and charming Bernhard Bloch gnome and a small Johann Maresch.


New in this year is a gnome with a little pig, manufactured with the mother molds, more than 100 years old. Originally the 43 cm (17") gnome was in a series of butcher gnomes, modelled for Eckhardt & Menz in Graefenroda, Thueringen and later produced by Griebel. And we run tests with another 60 cm Griebel gnome, created approx. 1910.


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